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Below are some of the comments that we have received from our customers:

Brilliant service at a brilliant price. You got me out of a hole. Thank you!

My winning eBay bidder contacted me to ask if I could arrange next day delivery rather than the 2-3 days offered on the listing. was the cheapest option by far. I booked online at 10am and by 12noon the parcel had been collected - my delighted buyer received the parcel the following morning, and it cost no more than the original 2-3 day rate offered by the original courier I'd been going to use. Fantastic!

Simon McGrath

I discovered a few months ago and found it so easy and quick to use. Delivery..well I used the DHL 48 option each time for UK to UK and gave my buyers the web address and consignment number at the same time for tracking. My eBay ratings are rising each time. Delivery on each occasion has been within 24hrs. I would seriously recommend this service to anyone.


I think your service is excellent and your website is so easy that even technically challenged OAPs such as me can navigate around it. I had tried phoning a number of carriers and none of them wanted to know unless I opened an account and spent £50 a week. The Royal Mail website and phone service was useless, told me absolutely nothing. I did try DHL who quoted £32 & £36 respectively for my two parcels! I contacted a systems engineer friend who typed in 'compare couriers' on Google and sent me a link to your website. I smiled when it was DHL who came to collect the parcels though! We will make use of you again. I'll certainly recommend you to anyone who wants to send a parcel and wish you every success in the future with your business.

Ann Deem
Blue Thunder Charters

I don't normally write to thank companies for a good service, but I'm truly impressed with the service you offered and, pardon the pun, delivered. Thank you.


I have been using for a few months now and have been very impressed by their customer service. Any problems or queries are dealt with immediately without fuss or aggravation.

I have used other providers in the past and I have found them ok up until the point where there is a claim. They don’t pay, they find a way out. They will state you are out of time, you never answered our email etc: etc: That’s the one you never got. There is no good will and forget about complaining. Not interested.

This company however do pay claims and go the extra mile to look after their customers. They even telephone you to check that everything is alright and offer help. I know it is hard to believe but this is my experience and I have tried quite a few.

I am not easily impressed but I have to give them 10/10 all the way.

In case you think I work for the company, I don’t, I am just another eBayer who wants parcels to arrive on time and when a claim arises it gets paid. Buyers always seem to blame the seller when something gets damaged in transit. At least now if a claim arises you will get paid for damaged goods rather than getting negative feedback and end up out of pocket.

sparesboy – eBay user

I want to tell my fellow eBayers about my experience with I found this site through the classified ads on eBay and have been using them regularly for about 4 months now. The service is excellent, I can order online up to roughly midday for a same day collection with DHL. The price is unbelievable, even DHL themselves do not offer the prices Clickaparcel are charging to members of the public (the DHL worker was actually shocked when I told him what I was paying and said he couldn't beat it!!!) In the 4 months I have been using Clickaparcel, yesterday was the first time I had a problem (which wasn't the fault of Clickaparcel), DHL made a mistake with my collection, and though it wasn't his fault, Allan at Clickaparcel was extremely helpful with my problem, he answered all my emails within 30 minutes of me sending them, refunded my payment so I could upgrade my booking to 24 hr and then refunded me the difference between the two delivery services! He was polite and concerned, and obviously valued his customers (which is such a nice change from the big corporations who take your money then ignore you when things go wrong).

I honestly can’t give Clickaparcel a high enough recommendation, I have never had a parcel go missing and the website itself is so easy to use and extremely quick due to it automatically finding and filling addresses from the postcodes. There are a few different courier choices that you just scroll over to see the price (VAT exclusive) when you find the price and delivery option you want you just click it! The best thing is that you can send up to 30kg in 1 parcel which if you choose the DHL 48 option will cost you under £9 (if you register for free with this site you get an extra 5% discount on all parcels sent) and this includes insurance up to £50 (you can pay a few pounds extra and upgrade your insurance) which is much cheaper than Parcelforce.

So if you are looking to send heavy items, you really can’t go wrong entrusting them to Clickaparcel and in the very unlikely event that you have a problem you don’t need to worry as you can’t find more helpful staff!

Jakes-mum – eBay user

I found clickaparcel on eBay a few months ago, thought I'd give them a try for some larger packages I was putting up for auction at the time. Since then I use them every time. I now have an account (FREE) and can pay through PayPal and book collection as soon as I see my buyer has paid. The rates are low, the online booking is quick and simple and every time delivery has been within 24hrs of collection on a 48hr service. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Erinsnanny2000 – eBay user

Hi just thought I would let you all know about a super courier, this site is so easy to use and parcels are collected the following working day or the same day if booked before 12 noon. Any problems or queries are sorted out promptly and efficiently (although I get hardly any problems) and all staff are very efficient. You can choose which service you require i.e. 24 hours, 48 hours etc. and also which courier you would prefer.

Anita7055 – Ebay user